Designing Courage with Joel (Studio Mise)

Designing Courage with Joel (Studio Mise)
Photo: MURATHAN BILIKTU | Ephemera

In this episode of Ephemera Portraits I interviewed Joel, the founder of Studio Mise in Toronto, sharing his journey and the story of the studio's first year. Joel discusses his initial challenges, like affording rent for the studio space and transforming it into a welcoming and creative environment. He highlights the evolution of Studio Mise from a personal studio to a brand that embraces limitless creativity and produces various items like ball caps and merchandise.

Joel reflects on his previous project, Rodney, which allowed him to explore his creativity. He talks about overcoming excuses and limitations, leading to the creation of Studio Mise as an umbrella brand for promoting his and others' art. He emphasizes the importance of genuine efforts in inspiring others and shares his experiences with various projects, including collaborations and events.

One notable collaboration is with Kiyo, a skateboarding filmmaker, for whom Studio Mise created a physical product package. Joel also mentions the "jumping dumpling" project, which gained recognition and led to other successful ventures. He details his partnership with Yoshiki and Tokio, highlighting their roles in the studio's growth and his transition to the role of creative director. Joel expresses gratitude for his team and emphasizes the power of collaboration in achieving his creative vision.

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