A Journey into the World of CRT Video Art with Jack Harrison

A Journey into the World of CRT Video Art with Jack Harrison
Photo by Murathan Biliktü | Ephemera Portraits

Bringing Joy to Digital

With this interview featuring Jack Harrison, I’m excited to kick off my new video interview series, Ephemera Portraits! Today, we’ve got a special treat for all you art enthusiasts and tech lovers out there. We’re bringing you an exclusive, insightful chat with the ingenious mind behind Digital Joy, Jack Harrison, a name that’s taken the world of CRT video art by storm. Our host, Murathan Biliktü, will be exploring the vibrant and intricate world of CRT video art, diving deep into Jack’s journey from his initial foray into the field to gaining widespread recognition and acclaim on TikTok.

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) video art is a blend of vintage technology and contemporary creativity. It leverages the distinctive visual aesthetics of the old-school CRT monitors to produce unique and captivating pieces of art. It's a realm where pixels and paint collide, bringing forth a new wave of artistic expression that resonates with both nostalgia enthusiasts and modern art lovers.

Jack Harrison's journey into the world of CRT video art is nothing short of inspiring. With a natural inclination towards both art and technology, Jack discovered his passion for merging the two domains to create something extraordinary and avant-garde. The inception of Digital Joy marked the beginning of a journey marked by innovation, exploration, and relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

In the interview, Jack delves into the process behind crafting his iconic CRT video art pieces. From conceptualization to execution, he meticulously blends technical prowess with artistic intuition to bring his visions to life. He shares his experiences, the challenges he faced, and the exhilaration of witnessing his creations captivate audiences.

In this extra part, Jack talks about some of his favourite games from his childhood and how the monitor selection can affect the gaming experience.

Enjoy the videos!