Our Rating System

Each year, we release a guide showcasing top experiences for the upcoming year. Alongside this, we've created a rating system to identify and celebrate exceptional artwork.

Our Rating System

Annually we publish an annual guide to recommend you the best experiences that you can experience for the year. To introduce you to our exceptional artwork, we've established a rating system that enables us to assess and determine work deserving of recognition.

Drawing inspiration from the Hittite Solar Disk, the Solar Disk Awards commemorate the most inspiring creations of the year and celebrate exceptional artistic directions.

Rating System: The Solar Disk; Exceptional Work. The Golden Spotlight; Highly Recommended. Recommended, Avoid.
Rating System and its Icons

Before finalizing the winners of the Solar Disk Awards, we make it a point to showcase standout works throughout the year that truly deserve recognition. These highlighted pieces are all contenders for awards at the year's end – a segment we refer to as The Golden Spotlight.

Even if a particular work doesn't secure an award, receiving the Golden Spotlight acknowledgment signifies its exceptional quality and worthiness of attention.

Certain works, while still impressive, might not attain the same level of acclaim as those in the Golden Spotlight. These works are categorized as simply "Recommended."

In exceptional cases, we might advise you to steer clear of certain work either due to their subpar quality or their false claims. This precautionary step is taken to ensure your best interests and not to disparage the work or the artists involved.